🌷Eye-Catching Tulip Crochet Boot for Stanley Tumbler

Crochet story made by Janne Kleivset for Joy of Motion Crochet

🌷🎉 Spring into Crochet! 🎉🌷

Embrace the beauty of tulips in crochet form for this Stanley Tumbler Boot.

🎨🧵 Prepare Your Palette! 🧵🎨

Choose 3 different vibrant yarn colors for your tulip creation. 1 main, 1 green & 1 for the flower.

🧶🌸 Bloom Begins with a Stitch! 🌸🧶

Start with the magic circle and crochet the base, ensuring a soft base when you set down your tumbler.

🌷💖 Petal by Petal Perfection! 💖🌷

Follow the tulip stitch pattern for a unique texture that reminds you of spring instantly.

🍃✂️ From Bud to Blossom! ✂️🍃

Admire your completed Stanley Quencher boot, a tribute to spring and a protective layer for your cup.

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