Crochet Ideas Using Left  Over Yarn

When buying yarn for big projects, it’s easy to pick up some extra yarn. When you finish the projects, you’ll quickly get a yarn stash of left over yarns.

The solution for this yarn stash is quick & easy crochet patterns that doesn’t require a lot of yarn.

1) Classic Striped Dish Towel

Hand towels are a classic crochet project that make a great gift. Or they can make a great addition to your kitchen!

2) Classic Striped Potholder

In addition to hand towels, you can also make potholders. They're much needed in any kitchen!

3) Paige Mod Scarf

Crochet scarf patterns are very versatile so you can apply any yarn you want. Do you love the style of this one?

4) Candy Swirl Spiral Coasters

Coasters are a great project for beginners and require just a small amount of yarn!

5) Candy Cane Blanket Square

Here is another simple coaster you can make with two yarn colors. It's a fun square pattern!

6) Triangle Bunting

These are unique and sort of like a modern twist on traditional granny squares. Hang them up in a bedroom!

7) Fruit Slices Keychain

How cute are these fruit slices? These would be fun to make if you have a variety of yarn colors to work with!

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Easy Crochet Clothes for Beginners

A few crochet pattern ideas for you:

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