Crochet Christmas Tree Ornament

crochet pattern tutorial created  by janne kleivset for

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Quick Christmas Tree Crochet Ornament

This is a really quick crochet ornament for Christmas. Pick your favorite colors and make this lovely Christmas applique. 

Only Basic Crochet Stitches

The Christmas trees only feature basic crochet stitches such as chains, single crochet & double crochet - EASY!

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4.5 mm crochet hook / US: 7 1 color of 4 medium yarn Scissors Tapestry Needle Tape Measure

You Will need

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Step 1

Crochet 1st Branch.  Start by crocheting the stem and the first branch. This is the widest part of the tree.

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Step 2

Crochet 2nd Branch. Move on to the second branch. This is slightly smaller than the first branch and slightly bigger than the third.

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Step 3

Crochet 3rd Branch. Finish the Christmas tree ornament with the third and smallest branch. You can now thread a string to the top branch.

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