Crochet Scarfs

9 Super Cozy

Scarfs are practical to make because they're soft, cozy, and definitely keep you warm. Check out some of these crochet scarfs for inspiration.

This Cable Crochet Scarf is thick and warm which makes it perfect for winter. As with any scarf, it can be made in any length and you can easily adjust it.

Super Simple Super Soft Super Scarf: This crochet super scarf is both simple, soft, AND super. It’s worked lengthwise and looks really beautiful!

Go with the Flow Super Scarf: This crochet Super Scarf is beautiful, has a lovely textured crochet stitch, and is quick to crochet!

Autumn Chilled Scarf: With this pattern, you'll feel like you're wearing a blanket around your neck! But it's still fashionable and fun to look at.

Hopewell Scarf: The Hopewell Scarf is a super texture crochet scarf. It offer a full dose of cozy because it’s made with beautiful velvet yarn!

Tuono Scarf: This crochet scarf is quick to crochet because it uses really thick yarn and a big crochet hook. So it also feels like wrapping a blanket around your neck!

Moss Fringe Scarf: This crochet scarf has a knit look to it! Uses bulky yarn to keep you warm all winter with this pattern.

Winter Seashore Scarf: Blue is such a peaceful color so it's a great yarn color for scarfs. This scarf is thick and cozy! Wrap it around twice for extra warmth.

Multicolored Scarf: If you have a lot of scrap yarn, then this crochet pattern is a great way to use it! Gather your favorite yarn colors to make this fun scarf.

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