7+ Quick Crochet Projects for  the Holidays

List of crochet patterns compiled by Janne Kleivset for Joy of Motion Crochet

Sometimes you need quick crochet projects that can be done in a few hours or over a weekend. Find great ideas for these fast crafts right here!

This crochet design will take you no time at all, leaving you with the perfect place to hang your favorite houseplant. 


Are you looking for a quick, practical crochet project? Look no further than this easy-to-make dickie pattern!


This easy-to-follow pattern creates a timeless crochet garment that’s perfect for any season. It’s a lot quicker to finish than most crochet garments!  


This pattern uses super bulky yarn so they’ll work up in no time. You can make several pairs of these soft and cozy mittens with a few hours of crafting. 


Try crocheting this easy crochet beach bag pattern! This project only takes one skein of yarn and is perfect for even a beginner crocheter. 


Do you want to add a handmade touch to your home décor? Why not try something unique and crochet your own crochet coasters? 


This crochet washcloth pattern is perfect for a quick and satisfying crochet project. Not only are crocheted washcloths great for making gifts, but they’re also an excellent project for beginners.


We have even more than these 7 quick crochet patterns on our website. Find 25+ amazing crochet patterns to choose from! 

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