6+ Crochet Blanket Stitches

List of crochet patterns compiled by Janne Kleivset for Joy of Motion Crochet

There are many amazing crochet stitches that are perfect crochet blanket stitches.  Pick one of your favorite stitches today and learn how to use them in a blanket!

The Alpine Stitch creates a unique texture with its combination of front post double crochet stitches and chains. 


The half double crochet and chain even, is a stitch combination that is great for crochet blankets. 


This stitch is a variation of the regular half double crochet stitch, where you crochet around the post of the stitch on the previous row. 


Seeking a versatile crochet stitch? The shell stitch is both gorgeous and beginner-friendly and looks great in a crochet blanket. 


If you're in search of a simple yet elegant crochet stitch, the Lemon Peel Stitch is your answer.  


When crocheting blankets, try using the single crochet stitch for a classic and versatile design. There's no reason to over-complicate! 


We have even more than these 6 crochet stitches for blankets on our website. Find 70+ amazing crochet stitches to choose from! 

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