Crochet Tutorial

Mosaic Crochet Stitch

This crochet stitch is perfect for projects like a baby blanket, crochet pillow cover, crochet garments, rectangle shawls and more!

Mosaic crochet is a technique where you use only one color per row and use the two colors on every other row.

What is mosaic crochet?

We have a video tutorial, as well as step by step photos on our website. As you can see, it's all about taking the design one row at a time.

How do you crochet a mosaic design?

We will walk you through how to make the first two rows here, but be sure to head to the blog to see the entire crochet tutorial!

Chain row: Decide how many stitches you want. You can make the project as wide as you'd like.  With CA ch a multiple of 5 + 3 stitches.

Row 1: Setup Row Sc 1 in 3rd ch from hook, sc 1 in each ch across.

Cut yarn and fasten off, because you are going to work all rows on the right side of the work.

Row 2: Start using the second color Grab color B and make a slip knot.

Row 2 cont.: Always work single crochet in first stitch, through the whole stitch.

Row 2 cont.: Work following single crochet stitches in the back loop.

First back loop single crochet finished. Continue to crochet back loop single crochet across, until you have 1 stitch left.

Row 2 cont.: When you reach the last few stitches of the row, start working over the yarn tail with CA, from end of row one.

You can see how yarn tail is fastened by working over it.

Row 2 cont.: When you have 1 stitch left, work a regular single crochet into the last stitch.

Sc in the last stitch finished. Sc in the last stitch finished. Cut yarn and fasten off, 2 rows finished.

Row 3: Start working long dc stitches Row 3: Single crochet in first stitch with color A. Notice that you should crochet over color B.

Row 3 cont.: First single crochet finished.

Single crochet in back loop of the next 2 stitches.

Double crochet in the front loop of stitch 2 rows below. Ready to draw up a loop from the front loop showed on photo.

Double crochet in front loop of stitch 2 rows below finished. (Ldc worked).

Work this repeat across row 3 until you have 1 stitch left: BLsc in next 2 st, Ldc 1, BLsc in next 2 st.

For more crochet tutorials and free crochet patterns, visit our blog,  Joy of Motion Crochet!

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