7+ Best Crochet Stitches for Blankets

List of crochet patterns compiled by Janne Kleivset for Joy of Motion Crochet

There's a wide array of crochet stitches for blankets suited for crafting warm wraps. Select the stitch you like the most and master its application in crochet blanket-making.

You can easily incorporate the back post treble crochet stitch into your blanket to create a textured design. 


The Spider Lace Crochet Pattern showcase a beautiful stitch pattern, with lacy spider patterning.  Use it on a crochet blanket cover for your bed. 


If you're looking to add more texture to your crochet blankets, consider using the front post double crochet stitch. 


Try using the textured cross pattern crochet stitch for your crochet blanket. Not reversible, but beautiful! 


You can easily create beautiful crossed stitches and ripples in your crochet blankets by following this stitch pattern. 


Try crocheting the Berry Stitch to add a unique texture and visual interest to your blankets. It's for sure going to keep you warm! 


The Waves and Stripes crochet stitch, use two colors to create a lovely striped stitch pattern for your crocheted blanket. 


We have even more than these 7 crochet stitches for blankets on our website. Find 70+ amazing crochet stitches to choose from! 

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