6+ One Skein Crochet Projects

List of crochet patterns compiled by Janne Kleivset for Joy of Motion Crochet

Got just one skein of yarn and want to crochet something beautiful? We've got just what you need. With just one ball of yarn you can make so much beautiful!

Headbands make a great starter/beginner crochet project, and there’s no limit on how you could make headbands. Headbands can easily be one skein projects, and they’re quite easy to make. 


A great one skein crochet pattern is for sure making a crocheted sunglasses pouch. It’s perfect to keep your sunglasses safe whenever traveling, and you might keep them free from scratches. 


The amazing light from crocheted Mason Jar Covers is totally worth it. It’s totally a great one skein crochet pattern you should use. You could make more than one with just that one skein.


Many crochet beanies require two skeins but here is a beanie pattern that only needs one. The beanie sizes for teenagers, kids, and babies are usually one skein or less. 


Here is another one-skein project that could easily be a crocheted necklace. These look beautiful in any color!


The fingers freezing when eating ice cream is really not that comfortable. Making crochet ice cream cozies is really an incentive for even more comfort eating. 


We have even more than these 6 one skein crochet pattern ideas on our website. Find 20+ one skein crochet projects to choose from! 

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