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The Ultimate How to Read a Crochet Pattern Resource

The Ultimate How to Read a Crochet Pattern Resource


I’m guessing you’re interested in learning to read crochet patterns.  

Hurray! I want to take the time to celebrate this moment with you, because knowing how to read crochet patterns is awesome! 

However I might have gotten this right…

…because you find that there’s so much overwhelming information about reading crochet patterns scattered around the internet & you don’t really know where to start?  

Let’s just say, I’ve got you covered! 

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If you do want to up-level your crochet skills, the ultimate how to read a crochet pattern resource that’s perfect for you. It’s everything you’ll need to be able to read a crochet pattern.

It’s called “The Ultimate How to Read a Crochet Pattern Resource”.

It touches on every question a beginner crocheter asks & also works as a great encyclopedia when you need to check how the crochet basics are done.




Learn to Understand Every Part:

  • Skill Levels
  • Size & Measurements
  • Gauge
  • Diagrams
  • Abbreviations
  • Instructions

& Much More!


This e-book is covering everything a crocheter needs to know about reading crochet patterns, answering all your questions. It even works as a workbook where you can write comments when you’re learning. 



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