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Sidus Cardigan Crochet Pattern Design – Skill Level Intermediate

About Project


If you are looking to make a detailed cardigan with a fun pattern, the Sidus cardigan crochet pattern design is perfect for you. It is a complex but eye-catching design, but also fun piece to make. Let’s dive into what you can expect from this design.



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The Sidus Cardigan are a crochet pattern for a woman’s cardigan with a truly eye-catching pattern. The dotted pattern might need some time to mature to your hook & hand, but once you get a hang of it you’ll love it. If you’d prefer a  one-colored cardigan, just make it with one color instead. This crochet project might take some time, but it’ll end up as a star in your make collection once  finished. It doesn’t have shaping & appears box shaped, with baggy arms that are shaped at the bottom.



So you’d might think the Sidus cardigan crochet pattern design isn’t for everyone. It is designed with the stitch detail in mind, however the shaping & the structure isn’t too complicated. It ended up with skill level Intermediate & I do recommend that you’ve crocheted a few things before trying this cardigan. However to make it as easy as possible I’ve added a video that shows you how the stitch is done, & this will answer many questions.



The Sidus cardigan crochet pattern design is made with 100 % cotton & you’ll need a crochet hook size  mm 6,5 mm/ K. Next you’ll also need a needle to finish off the crochet pattern. Finally you’ll need 13 buttons on the front.


As usual I feel it’s important to include some great size range to the crochet pattern design. That’s why the Sidus cardigan crochet pattern design is available for you in sizes from XS-XL, giving you lot’s to choose from. The shape is box shaped & you can also easily make it longer or shorter with just adding/reducing a few stitches. All in all a crochet pattern design you can customize to your own wishes.



Finally I hope you’re excited about this complex but eye-catching crochet pattern for the Sidus Cardigan. The Sidus cardigan crochet pattern design is truly a winner & stand-out piece in your closet & will be cherished for years to come.

Purchase the crochet pattern by clicking the link below:


No makers has submitted their cardigan yet. Email Joy of Motion with a picture of your cardigan + a couple of sentences about the pattern to get featured. I’ll link to you for the feature.

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June 23, 2017