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How to Read a Crochet pattern

HOW TO READ A CROCHET PATTERN – ALL THE TERMS YOU NEED TO KNOWHow to read a crochet pattern can be really overwhelming and confusing in the beginning. While you might have finished a couple of projects you still probably wonder what some of the details really means. However the more “complex” or detailed a crochet pattern is, the better. Hence in my opinion this gives the best results and makes it easier for the reader to understand it. Therefore you should dive into this blog series to learn how to master reading a crochet pattern. Furthermore I’m going to teach you and explain all of the important segments of a crochet pattern. If you’d like, you can test a crochet pattern by following the FREE crochet pattern available with the email subscription signup – or use one of the crochet patterns you have purchased from me. This is the third of 3 parts giving you all the knowledge you will need to finally learn how to read a crochet pattern. I hope you are excited about this!