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Crochet Terms

CROCHET TERMS Learn more crochet terms with Joy of Motion Welcome to Joy of Motions best tips & tricks when it comes to crochet terminology. US vs UK crochet terms, learn to translate a crochet pattern between those terms. It’s easier than you might think. Next crochet cheat sheets for yarn weights, crochet hooks & crochet terms. Consequently: Great crochet resources when you’re in need for a quick answer. Pin them & you’ll keep them forever. Even better: Download them from Joy of Motions ever growing crochet resource library. Finally learn more about crochet hook sizes. What yarn do you need for that hook? What type of hook is best for cotton yarn? When i comes to crochet hooks there’s lot to be learn. You’ll also might need to know more about yarn weights – what’s the terms in your country & what are they named in an other country. Learn to read yarn labels like a pro & then you’ll also be able to purchase yarn from wherever you’d like. Dive into this category to learn more about crochet, & crochet will become easy.