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Crochet Tote Bags: The Best Crochet Accessory To Bring Yarn Anywhere

Crochet Tote Bags: The Best Crochet Accessory To Bring Yarn Anywhere

crochet tote bags


Crochet tote bags & accessories is a crocheters best friend. It’s also one of the best gifts you can give to anyone that loves crochet. Because any crocheter that loves their hobby, would be so excited to have a bag to bring their current crochet project in when traveling.

A even bigger reason why crocheters love their canvas crochet tote bags, is because what’s often printed on them helps them in showing off their favorite hobby. What I’m talking about is that crochet tote bags often has these sayings on them: “Hooker”, “Crochet”, “Crocheter”, “Yarn” and so on.

Today you can read more about a selected list of great crochet tote bags we all cherish a& love. I’ve of course made sure to link directly to where you can buy them.


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crochet everyday tote bag black



Crochet tote bags is what I would say is the most practical crochet accessory you could spend your money on. It has to be the best way to bring any crochet project. Honestly I also sometimes store some of the crochet projects I’m working on in crochet tote bags, because I’m then able to bring it around the house.

Let’s see the list of great crochet tote bags that are available out there:


1.“I have enough yarn said no crocheter ever”

The first crochet tote bag is a tote bag that has the saying “I have enough yarn said no crocheter ever”. It’s a tote bag made with 100 % 8 oz. heavyweight cotton canvas & the handles + seams are reinforced to support heavy items. The tote bag has also long straps so that it fits comfortably over the shoulder.


So who’s behind this awesome crochet tote bag?

Meet: My Bebe Cadum on Etsy, with Soraya as the owner. She has a shop filled with tote bags, pillow covers, cosmetic bags & more, all for different occasions. All items are made to order & she even offers custom designs.


crochet tote bag


2. “I’ve got a Hook on You”

The next really cute crochet tote bag has the saying “I’ve got a Hook on You” on it. It also has a ball of yarn shaped as a heart on it, with a crochet hook  as well.

The tote bag has an amazing 18 liters capacity & are made of 100 % cotton.

It can withstand washing machine.


So who’s behind this awesome crochet tote bag?

Meet: Happy Crochet Etc on Etsy, with the maker Vivyane as owner & designer. The tote is printed in south-western France.


3. “Yarn Bag”

This next crochet tote bag, isn’t really only a crochet tote bag, but it’s made for any yarn lover. It has the saying “Yarn Bag” on it.

It is a “American Apparel” bag in 100 % bull denim woven cotton. The size is  14 3/8″ 14″ (36.5cm x 35.6cm).


So who’s behind this awesome crochet tote bag?

Meet: The Busy Bee Creations on Etsy, with Megan as owner & Terressa as talent manager. They believe that being yourself is the root of all happiness. Showing your quirks is what makes the true connection to others genuine and authentic. The Busy Bee is all about capturing the “real you” in apparel that starts conversations.


crochet tote bag


4. “I crochet here & there – I crochet everywhere”

The 4th crochet tote bag on my list has the saying “I crochet here & there – I crochet everywhere”. It comes in 4 different colors: black, hot pink, blue & orange vinyl.

The design is done on strong canvas fabric and then the fabric is made up into a modern tote bag in their workshop. The bag measures approximately 40cm x 38cm.


So who’s behind this awesome crochet tote bag?

Meet: Mpleximata on Etsy, with Chiqui behind the shop. She offers both crochet patterns, handmade crochet items & finally this crochet tote bag in her shop.
The actual tote bag design is a collaboration with Poppy and Petal Design on Etsy.


crochet tote bag

5. “Housework is for people who can’t crochet”

The next crochet tote bag has the saying “Housework is for people who can’t crochet”. The designer says “These reusable bags can be used for carrying delicious yarns, tasty beverages, equipment, uniforms, snacks, groceries, you name it!”, & I especially think that delicious yarns fits perfectly myself.

The tote bag is made from 100 % unbleached cotton & the size is 15.5″ high by 14″ across (40cm x 35.5cm).


So who’s behind this awesome crochet tote bag?

Meet: Little Tote Co on Etsy, with Heather as shop owner. She also offers tote bags that can be customized & have many tote bag designs available.


crochet tote bag


6. “Fuck off, I’m Crocheting”

The 6th crochet tote bag is a tote bag with the saying “Fuck Off, I’m Crocheting”. This tote bag is described as a cheeky & offensive tote bag & just what every crocheter needs when someone is talking while you’re counting stitches.

The size is 13.5″ x 13.5″ & can be purchased in different colors.

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So who’s behind this awesome crochet tote bag?

Meet: Knitology Co on Etsy, with Kate as the owner, maker & designer. She offers knits, patterns & totes in her shop.


crochet tote bag


7. “Crochet Everyday”


The final crochet tote bag I’m going to cover is my own. I couldn’t stop myself from designing this tote bag, together with the mug in the same design. I really love bringing my yarn along in tote bags, & the saying “Crochet Everyday” really fits me perfectly. Yes, because that’s what I do. But I also know many crocheters recognize themselves in this saying.

Finally the “Crochet Everyday” mug is now available both on Etsy & the Joy of Motion Crochet website. It can be found in black & white, as well as teal & white.

The tote bag is made with sturdy black handles, as well as it’s made with beautiful white material on the outside & with a black inside.

See the tote bag: here.
Etsy: here.


crochet everyday tote bag black



This list covers some beautiful crochet tote bags I know & love. However if you do know other crochet tote bags you think I should add to the list, please comment below or send me an email.


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