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Beginner Crochet Stitches

BEGINNER CROCHET STITCHES WITH PICTURE & VIDEO TUTORIALS: Learn to crochet all the beginner crochet stitches with Joy of Motion. Hey! These stitches is also often called basic crochet stitches, so no skipping these if you’re not a beginner. All of these crochet stitch tutorials have both picture & video instructions, therefore you’ll be able to get the hang of them in no time. Most of all I’ve worked on details to make sure you won’t end up throwing away the hook & yarn, the goal is for sure to make crochet easy. BASIC CROCHET STITCHES/BEGINNER CROCHET STITCHES: First of all you’ll need to get the hang of some basic crochet stitches to become a great crocheter. In different crochet patterns you’ll come across all these stitches sometime, so you’re better of learning then once & for all. Prepare yourself to learn these crochet stitches by grabbing your crochet hook & yarn. The crochet hook size & yarn does not matter when you’re starting out learning av stitch, but rather some guts & inspiration. I’m excited about this, are you?