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Crochet Pins: The Cute & Fun Crochet Accessory Every Crocheter Loves

Crochet Pins: The Cute & Fun Crochet Accessory Every Crocheter Loves

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Crochet pins & accessories is such an amazing gift idea for any crocheter. Hey, I guess you already know that a typical crocheter can never get enough of crochet yarn & crochet hooks. Even crochet patterns gets any crocheter excited.

However right after those loves comes crochet accessories. In that I’m talking about anything that has the wording “crochet”, “crocheter”, “hooker”, “yarn” or “maker” on it. Alternatively just the pictured version of all them.

I’d have to admit that I sometimes think that these aren’t necessities, however I also know that feeling “I can’t live without them”. Are you following what I mean?

Today you can read more about a selected list of crochet pins we all cherish & love. I’ve added links that takes you directly to them.


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Crochet pins are what I would say is one of the top crochet accessories all crocheter loves. I guess it’s a way to show of that you’re a crocheter, by wearing them or adding them to your favorite yarn bag or crochet tote bag.

1. Crochet Enamel Pin from Firefly Notes

The first crochet pin has the saying “Crochet”, with a skein of yarn & a  crochet hook on it.

The size is 1 inch from hook top to bottom.


So who’s behind this awesome crochet pin?

Meet: Firefly Notes on Etsy, with Sandy as owner, maker, designer & curator.  She did the graphic design on the pin herself & her talented hubby Patric did the artistic rendering.


crochet pins


2. Crochet Badge set from Color Me Fun

The next crochet pins are a set of 5 pins, with different text & pictures on the. The saying is: “Just Unwind”, “I hook therefore I am.”, “Happy Hooker”, “Eat, Sleep, Crochet, Repeat” & finally “It takes balls to crochet”.

All of them has either yarn balls & skeins on them, & most of them also has a crochet hook pictured.

Each badge is 1 inch or 25 mm in diameter.


So who’s behind these awesome crochet pins?

Meet: Color Me Fun on Etsy, with Danielle as owner, designer & photographer.


crochet pins


3. Crochet Handmade Pin from TL Yarn Crafts

The next crochet pin I’ve got listed is a crochet pin from one of my favorite creatives: TL Yarn Crafts.

The pin has the saying “Hooks and String Make Pretty Things” & has black text with a white background.

All of them are ready to ship, individually wrapped & ready for gifting.


So who’s behind this awesome crochet pin?

Meet: TL Yarn Crafts on Etsy, with Toni as the person behind it. She hand-punch & designs the pins herself, which makes them even more unique.


crochet pins


4. Crochet Pins or Crochet magnets from Pepsy

The next crochet pins on this list are a set of 6 pins. They all has different sayings: “Friends Don’t Let Friends Crochet Drunk”, “Captain Hook”, I’d rather be crocheting”, “eat. sleep. crochet.”, “Captain Hook” & “too many WIPS”. The pins has different colors, like yellow, green, white & black.

You can also add on gift wrapping for the pins if you’d like.


So who’s behind these awesome crochet pins?

Meet: Pepsy on Etsy, with Pepper as owner & buttonmaker extraordinarie. She has many crafty badges in her Etsy shop, so there’s something for any maker out there.

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5. Crochet Lapel Pin from Yarnigurumi

The final pin on my list is a pin in Kawaii style. It’s a colorful yarn ball with a crown, holding a crochet hook. The text on the pin says “Crochet Queen”.


So who’s behind this awesome crochet pin?

Meet: Yarnigurumi on Etsy, with Wendy behind the scenes. She designed the Crochet Queen enamel pin, & had some help with manufacturing. She package them herself once they are done.  In her shop you can also find “Crochet Queen” earrings  & stitch markers, as well as handmade amigurumi.



This list covers a few beautiful crochet pins I know & love. However if you do know other crochet pins you think I should add to the list, please comment below or send me an email.


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