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This page is dedicated for the Coelum sweater materials needed. You’ll easily get your hands on each of the materials needed & a short description of each. If I have more than one option for each of the materials, you’ll find them here. Finally, furthest down on the page I’ve dedicated a space for other makers that have used this pattern, with their yarn options & other materials needed for the Coelum sweater.

coelum sweater crochet pattern design

Disclosure. This page contains affiliate links. To be able to serve you the best when it comes to fining the materials needed for this pattern I’ve made this page for you.  As a result I’ll get a small commission if you click through, but it doesn’t affect your price. Finally you’ll be able to grab the yarn as quick as possible. To fulfill my dream of being a crochet pattern designer/teacher full-time I need to earn an income. Consequently by using these links you support my dream. Read more about my reasoning here.


The yarns listed below is the yarns Joy of Motion personally have used & tested the crochet pattern with. They are also the ones you’ll find in the crochet pattern. When you find more than one yarn the cheapest alternative is listed first.

  • Drops Yarn – Drops Loves You 7. This yarn is the yarn the Coelum Sweater was originally designed with. It’s a 100 % cotton yarn & was available for a limited time. Currently it can still be found in some shops, but unfortunately I don’t have a good resource where you can find it.
    • Skeins needed: 7-11 skeins.
crochet resources
  • Scheepjes Yarn – Cotton 8. Because the Drops yarn originally intended for this yarn was out of stock, I was happy to find Scheepjes Cotton 8 yarn, with the same features. It’s 100 % cotton & comes in 48 amazing colors!
coelum sweater materials needed


The crochet hook(s) listed below is the crochet hook(s) Joy of Motion personally have used & tested the crochet pattern with. They are also the one(s) you’ll find in the crochet pattern. When you find more than one crochet hook the cheapest alternative is listed first.

  • Knitpro* – Symphonie Rose Crochet Hooks – Was the hooks used to design the Coelum Sweater. They opened my world to wood hooks &  impressed me with their amazing lightness & how they feel in my hand. Even though they’re not padded, they never give me any strain while using them. I’ve only come across them in sets.

*KnitPro crochet hooks & Knitters Pride crochet hooks are essentially the same. KnitPro are made for the European marked, while Knitters Pride are made for the North American marked.

coelum sweater materials needed


The needle(s) listed below are needles used to finish of the crochet pattern. However any needle that are big enough will essentially get it done.  

    • Needle – When finishing this crochet project, you’ll need a needle. In my experience there’s always too easy to loose them, however I try my best to keep them safe. I either fasten them to yarn labels or skeins of yarn. You can find needles here:
materials needed


The materials(s) listed below are the materials used & recommended by other makers for this pattern. Joy of Motion can not promise the result, however I would like to offer you options shared by other makers. 

No makers has submitted their sweater with materials yet. Email Joy of Motion with a picture of your sweater + a couple of sentences about the Coelum Sweater materials needed/used to get featured. I’ll link to you for the feature.

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