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All Or Nothing Coatigan Crochet Kit from Wool And The Gang Reviewed

All Or Nothing Coatigan Crochet Kit from Wool And The Gang Reviewed

I’m so excited to be able to share this review with you , “The All Or Nothing Coatigan Crochet Kit from Wool And The Gang Reviewed”. What I’m going to share now is one of my favorite designs this fall & definitely a great crochet kit.

To be perfectly clear with you, I received this kit from Wool and The Gang for the purpose of writing this blog post. But I wouldn’t have accepted if I hadn’t had a great experience from them before. You can read about this in my blog post about their “Happy Shiny Cotton”.

Let’s dive into what you can expect from this crochet kit for the All or Nothing Coatigan!


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all or nothing coatigan crochet kit



The All or Nothing Coatigan crochet kit is a yarn from Wool and the Gang, a yarn company that offers high quality yarn. On their page they talk about how they source materials with consideration to cut impact on our environment. They also use yarn fibers that are natural, renewable & biodegradable.

What’s also cool is that they work with fashion factories to re-purpose their waste into yarn. This can be seen in some of their amazing yarns such as the Billie Jean Yarn.

The yarn used for the All or Nothing Coatigan is their Crazy Sexy Wool, which is 100 % Peruvian wool.


all or nothing coatigan crochet kit



Description from Wool And The Gang:

The All or Nothing Coatigan is a cross between a coat & a cardigan. What Wool And The Gang themselves describe as the best of both worlds. They describe it as a pattern that’s perfect for a crocheter that master skill level intermediate. Finally they describe it to have stylish shape & that it’s perfect to stay cozy this fall/winter.



Included upon purchase: 8-12 balls of WATG’s Crazy Sexy Wool, the crochet pattern packed in a beautiful envelope together with a needle, a 15 mm wood crochet hook.



  • Yarn fibers: 100 % Peruvian wool.
  • Ball size/weight/length: 200 gram balls.
  • Yarn weight: Super Bulky.


Colors options:

31 amazing colors, including 4 new colors for this season. Among them are Cinnamon & Bronzed Olive.


all or nothing coatigan crochet kit



Wool And The Gang markets this crochet kit to a crocheter with skill level intermediate, but in my opinion even a more novice crocheter can have much fun crocheting it. Because it doesn’t need too much skills & it doesn’t have any fancy stitches that would make a beginner-easy skilled crocheter confused.

What Wool And The Gang says about their Autumn Winter Collection:

“Goodbye summer nights out, hello winter nights in. It’s time to cosy up with our new crochet and knitting kits.”

That’s exactly when to use this kit as well. We’re talking cozy fall evenings with lots of cozy, I’m thinking hot cocoa & the fire burning, or at least a somewhat colder evening.

I got the chance to make mine just after summer turned into fall, which also gives me the opportunity to use the All or Nothing Coatigan during fall & winter. But in my opinion you can make the All or Nothing Cardigan during the whole fall & winter season, & it would still be perfect.

Finally I’d like to point out that the whole meaning of making something handmade is to actually get the chance to wear what you’re making, so I suggest making it so you get some weeks really enjoying wearing the All or Nothing Coatigan. Because its beautiful & goes well together with jeans, big scarves & crocheted hats.


all or nothing coatigan crochet kit


I just recently got the chance to make the All or Nothing Coatigan crochet kit & I fell in love with this yarn & crochet pattern fast.


From shipping to opening the package:

Wool And The Gang reached out to me & asked if I wanted to review one of the kits from their Autumn Winter Collection & I couldn’t be more excited. Since I first used their yarn, I’ve been so in love with their brand. Honestly I’ve secretly been longing to test their yarns for years before, so I have to admit I’ve been an admirer for longer. To the point…

I got the notification that the All or Nothing Coatigan crochet kit was going to be shipped on a Monday & when I woke up on Friday I had a notification on my phone that a delivery firm was going to deliver my package that same day. If you know me you’d know I was happy dancing & full of excitement, because I just couldn’t wait.

The whole point is that the shipment was super fast! I mean just 4 days for an international shipment to the outskirts of Norway is beyond amazing!

The All or Nothing Coatigan kit came delivered with a personal box with my name printed on it & inside there was a beautiful black & white paper bag with the text “Wool and the Gang” on it. It also had their hashtag #madeunique printed on it. Finally there was a picture of the All or Nothing Coatigan on it. This packaging tells me already that I’ve received a high quality product.

Inside the paper bag there was enough Crazy Sexy Wool yarn balls for my size, together with a black envelope & a wood crochet hook. Still showing me high quality.

Inside the black envelope I found the crochet pattern together with another surprise, a needle to fasten threads. Finally there was a clothing label to add to the finished Coatigan.

Everything inside that package was branded beautifully & I  couldn’t wait to start crocheting. I actually put everything else I was making on hold, to get to start making my All or Nothing Coatigan.

all or nothing coatigan crochet kit

Crocheting the All or Nothing Coatigan Crochet Kit:

As you could imagine I started crocheting the Coatigan right away. I had to spend some time to familiarize myself with the pattern, because it wasn’t written the same way as I’m used to. But once I understood their style, it was super easy to understand.

The yarn was a joy to work with & the softness was a delight. It’s truly a high quality yarn with amazing natural fibers.

Then there was just a matter of hours before a few stitches turned into the All or Nothing Coatigan. Spread between a couple of days I would say I totally used about 12 hours to make it. If I’m quick or slow, I’m not sure, however I enjoyed every minute of it.

My favorite part is the fact that crocheting with Super Bulky yarn & a crochet hook size 15 mm actually works up really fast, which keeps you excited to keep going. There’s no time wasted literally.

As I really don’t love sewing any crochet projects together, I was also very happy that this didn’t take long either. Which might be the most daunting process of finishing of any crocheted garment.


all or nothing coatigan crochet kit

Wearing the All or Nothing Coatigan & quality after some time has passed:

Since crocheting the All or Nothing Coatigan, I’ve had the chance to wear it just a few times. I really love wearing it, because it’s so thick & feels more like a coat than a cardigan. It’s warm enough to work as the outer layer & I don’t need to wear too much underneath. At least not yet. For winter I imagine even wearing a thinner crocheted sweater underneath when it’s very cold & that would work perfectly too.

The nature of Peruvian wool is that it tends to get a fluffy feel after a while. Which has begun to show on the All or Nothing Coatigan as well. It simply doesn’t look new anymore. However that is an experience I’ve had with most comparable wool yarns, no matter the brand, & it’s what I expect. On the positive note I actually do love seeing that any of my crocheted sweaters, cardigans or accessories does get worn, because that means I really love them & they look perfect in that way to me.

All in all I’ll definitely be wearing the All or Nothing Coatigan a LOT this fall & winter season.


all or nothing coatigan crochet kit
all or nothing coatigan crochet kit
all or nothing coatigan crochet kit
all or nothing coatigan crochet kit



So where can you grab this amazing All or Nothing Coatigan Crochet kit?


It’s available at Wool and the Gang Website together with all the designs from their Autumn Winter Collection!

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When buying the kit you’ll have to make 3 choices:

  1. Size
  2. Language
  3. Color


The sizes range from 1-6 or a EU 34-EU 56, which makes it available in many sizes. There are 3 language options, English, German &  French. Finally you can choose from 31 beautiful colors (Mine is made in Cinnamon Dust).

Depending on the size you choose the price varies between $205-$300.

Wool and the Gang offers shipping worldwide, with a shipping speed at 2 days to the closest locations, while just 14 days to the furthest locations. That’s fast! A plus is that they offer tracking with all orders as well.


all or nothing coatigan crochet kit


Listing up my pros & cons in this summary for “The All or Nothing Coatigan Review”: read  “+” for positives “-” for negatives.



+ The All or Nothing Coatigan crochet kit delivers what’s promised.

+ It has so many beautiful colors available that I can’t get tired of it.

+ The yarn is super soft & of high quality.

+ It has a huge size range, which makes it available for women in all shapes & sizes.

+ It’s available worldwide from the Wool and The Gang website.

+ The packaging shows quality & the product delivers everything you need.

+ The All or Nothing Coatigan is wearable, warm, cozy & beautiful.



– The crochet is a little expensive, however the quality & design is worth every penny.

– The yarn will show its worn after a short while, but that’s what you can expect from that kind of yarn.


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